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RIVER OF DESPAIR   Residents wade through floodwaters while boats queue up to ferry others at Calumpit township, Bulacan province, Oct. 3, 2011.  Typhoon Nesat, known locally as Pedring, had caused massive flooding in the flat-plained farming province, leading to at least 14 deaths; Pedring caused at least 60 deaths nationwide. (Photo: Bullit Marquez / AP via

FOR THOSE ASKING (libs talking to you), this is bulacan province in the northern philippines. the northern provinces (bulacan, pampanga, nueva ecija) is still in pretty bad shape. :( this is three hours or so from the capital of manila where we are. thankfully we’re fine. but for the north, i suppose it will take a while :(

WE ARE POWERLESS…or at least, we were. this morning. blame the storm. no cable tv signal too. stay safe everyone!

The Club / Blackout - In the Heights (by ljTheatreGeek)