THIS SHOULD MAKE DOCTORS’ VISITS LESS SCARY. the medicard philippines new lifestyle center somewhere in makati - the medical arm of the company dad works for (dad is in the sales department), it’s an entire building of medical, dental and laboratory services. the lobby alone looks and feels like their clients are waiting in a hotel lobby, complete with colorful paintings, fresh flowers, plush seats, water fountains. a part of the ceiling is an aquarium with koi (spelling?) fish. pardon me for being so impressed - i frequent the medicard offices for as long as i can remember - when the medical department, sales and operations and everything they needed to run a company was cramped on one floor of one high rise building. that was long ago, and now they have an entire building all to themselves, not to mention a few other satellite clinics all over the metro which are equally as impressive. if you ask me though, i am in love with this place.

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