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Title: Hey #3 / Perfect for You (Reprise) Artist: Adam Chanler-Berat & Jennifer Damiano 323 plays

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when done right, kissing is like speaking a foreign language


When I think of your mouth, I remember the way we were taught

in psychology class that everyone dreams thousands of different tales

at night, even if we wake up at the exact same moment the thread

of memory falls away from us, and we are left clutching desperately

at translucent strings of thought that melt away like ether.

I think of the white skin of your shoulders in the car, shining

through dark cloth like beacons of light transmitted in Morse code

from a lighthouse, our bodies stumbling up and over one another

in the backstreat. How love was like fucking, until the two

fell into one another and stuck, Siamese twins

destined to remain together until the end of time.

You read with the light on,

a moth burning itself to death against a lamp,

a suicide due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The dark red

entrance there, where our tongues met and held, speaking

a language so fluently, not French, exactly,

more like Russian, Gaelic, the kind of language that comes

when two people run out of words for talking

and have to resort to feeling instead.



'The girl who is a coffee monster'



I lose a little of me in everyone.

Fiber and paint colab with Rhiannon Platt.

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Tell me
I am brave
for wanting something
more than this.
Something more than the
broken glass you have clenched
between your sea salt mouth.
Something more than the
shot gun words
you keep firing with
every touch.

Tell me
I am brave
for loving every aftershock
that rumbled after
the big bang exploded
under your skin.
Even when I knew better.
Because now,
now all I have are these
wounded hands
that haven’t learnt the
art of healing, yet.

Tell me
I am brave
for seeing all the
ugly in this world,
and loving it

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I dont want to posses you, I want to marry you because I love you

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